26th Reminder about online chat
Don't forget this Thursday 29th 6:30 p.m. is your chance to chat 'live' online with Patrick via the Star Trek:Continuum web site in the auditorium.

If you can't join in for the chat - it will be 1:30 a.m. Friday morning in the UK !, then why not ask a question in advance.

22nd Stewart to star in King Lear update
Some exciting news has been posted on the Star Trek:Continuum web site about a new project Patrick is working on - read the article below:

Almost 20 score years ago, William Shakespeare wrote King Lear, and now Patrick Stewart is trying his hand at a TNT adaptation of it. The updated version of the tragedy, presently called Boss Lear, will star Stewart and Gregory Peck as members of a prominent ranch family in Texas.

Although a final copy of the script has not been sent to TNT executives, it has been said that this version is set to take place during the Mexican revolt in the mid-1800s in Texas. No further casting has been confirmed.

Stewart is set to produce Boss Lear with Robert Halmi Sr., chairman-producer of Hallmark Entertainment. Stewart also said that this is to be the first of three or four projects that they will be working on together.

From Star Trek:Continuum by Danielle Armbrust
Star Trek : Continuum

16th Patrick at Tanglewood '99 music festival
The Tanglewood Festival 1999 If you live in the Boston area of the US, you can catch Patrick amongst the many performers at the 1999 Tanglewood music festival, at the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.

He will be narrating as part of an all Strauss program on Friday 23rd July @ 8:30 p.m.

You can purchase tickets and find out more about the festival by visiting the Boston Symphony Orchestra web site.

13th Star Trek video and chat news
Next Monday 19th July is the UK release date for the video rental of Star Trek : Insurrection.

On Thursday 29th Julyyou can chat online with Patrick at Star Trek : Continuum via their auditorium.
The event starts at 6:30 p.m. (US Pacific time), that's 1:30 a.m Friday, UK time.

You can sumbit questions in advance by visiting the Continuum now.
Star Trek : Continuum